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The defining part of any team’s uniform is its helmet.

Some are so iconic and magnificent that they are symbols of their university and recognized around the world.

With that in mind, we rank college football’s Top 25 helmets out of all 130 FBS teams.

[Editor’s Note: Base helmets only, alternates not included]

Just Missed:

30. Hawaii

We’ll never stop calling for the throwback rainbow helmets but we have to admit the current lid is still pretty cool.

29. Georgia

The Bulldogs don’t get many points for originality but at least they copied one of the NFL’s best helmets. And bonus points for the dog bone helmet stickers.

28. Washington

The purple really makes the block “W” pop.

27. Florida

Your nickname in script isn’t the most original helmet but it just looks so good on the Gators.

26. Tulane

All hail Angry Wave!

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