I’m back.

Nearly two years after publishing my last post for LostLettermen.com, welcome to the launch of CollegeSportsOnly.com.

What can I say? The blog game needs me.

Blogs are shutting down left and right. Writers are getting laid off by the dozen. And websites are endlessly “pivoting to video.”

And so here I am, launching my third blog.

I started The Realests with my best friend Varun as a joke in 2005. I launched my previous college sports blog, Lost Lettermen, out of boredom at my day job 2009. And now here I am launching this blog as a hobby in 2017.

Without the ability or desire to go into details, I sold Lost Lettermen in 2015 with the hope it would transform the site into one of the biggest players in digital sports media. A good example is the way Barstool Sports has taken off into the stratosphere since its acquisition by The Chernin Group.

Obviously, that didn’t happen because Lost Lettermen no longer even exists.

I’ll be very upfront: I have no idea where starting this blog will lead.

Writing and writing about college sports in particular is just something I missed dearly. Growing up in Columbus, OH, I’ve loved college sports all my life. And I’ve been covering them nearly half as long, starting with the University of Michigan’s student newspaper during my freshman year of college.

I think the timing is ripe. There’s a gap in the market for covering all things college sports, especially with a strong dose of humor.

I can’t thank Awful Announcing’s Ben Koo enough. He could not have been nicer or more accommodating in making the launch of a new site so easy and seamless.

So here I am, launching a sports blog in 2017.

I know what you’re thinking: Launching a sports blog in 2017 is like coming out with a flip phone company in 2007. It’s doomed to fail.

That’s why I come into this with eyes wide open and no expectations for what this will become. In fact, I feel crazier than Lieutenant Dan sailing into a hurricane and screaming like a banshee in “Forrest Gump”:

And yes, I’ve already accepted the fact this will fail miserably and I’ll “pivot to video” by the end of 2017.

So here we are, with my rambling introductory letter for a sports blog headed into the treacherous waters of digital media.

All I know is college football season is 5 days away and this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


– Jim Weber

August 21, 2017

About Jim Weber

Jim Weber is the founder of College Sports Only. He has worked at CBS Sports, NBC Sports and ESPN the Magazine and is the founder of a previous college sports website, Lost Lettermen (R.I.P.).

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